To connect and ensure continuity.  
Interim staffing


An interim staff solution keeps your organization lean. It ads the benefit of outside ideas and expertise. We place logistics personnel from intermediate vocational level or higher. Such as logistics team leader, warehouse manager or planners. For just a few months, a year or even longer.

Maintaining continuity

Temporary staffing of logistics personnel covers various needs during vacation or absences, special projects, seasonal peaks and unexpected business. Each logistics candidate has the knowledge and experience that match your organisation’s needs, and helps you maintaining your organization´s continuity.

Benefits of temporary staffing of logistic employment

  • flexible staffing for logistics personnel
  • new people, new ideas
  • employee is not on your payroll
  • avoiding the need to establish and license your business in a foreign country
  • temporary employee is bound by the rules and regulations of Logiprof
  • avoiding leaves of absence
  • less training new employees
  • continuity of your operations department

Only actual hours worked are invoiced, such that your cost is variable.

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