Looking for a true leader?  Executive Search


Executive Search focuses on senior, executive or other highly specialised positions. We use our personal network and extensive database to find the right logistics or supply chain leader. From talented director operations and logistics managers to supply chain managers and ambitious executives.

Our recruitment process is thoroughly and proactively. A core analysis of a candidate’s competences is a fundamental part of the selection process. Dynamic factors, such as education, expertise, personality, culture and on-the-job experience, all affect the potential success of the candidates.

The partnership between your organization and Logiprof ends if you are content with the selected manager, and when the contract has been signed.

Benefits of executive search supply chain, logistics and operations

  • access to an extended network of proven logistic and supply chain professionals 
  • focus on your industry or benchmark 
  • objective 3rd party evaluation with knowledge of local labour markets and cultures 
  • quick and effective screening methods 
  • discretion and privacy guarantee 
  • no compromises of quality

Fees for Executive Search of supply chain management, logistics management or operations can be based upon a percentage of the gross salary of the candidate, or a fixed fee

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