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Logiprof is a professional staffing service that specializes in supply chain, logistics and operations.

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Recruitment & Selection of Logistic Personnel

Recruitment and Selection of the right people is paramount to the success of your organization. However, a thorough search requires a lot of time and attention to detail. In addition to saving you money, utilizing Logiprof will ensure you get a good organizational fit.

The process

The Recruitment and Selection process to find the right supply chain professionals always begins with a comprehensive needs assessment. We will also take into consideration your organizational budget and future goals. The entire process will be coordinated closely with you.

Our partnership ends when the right candidate has been found.

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Logiprof, specialist in supply chain

Logiprof is a professional staffing service that specializes in supply chain, logistics and operations positions. We proactively seek out and maintain a comprehensive network of supply chain, logistics and operations professionals.  Our recruitment is characterized by speed and quality. Our goal is to match the right professional with the right vacancy, at the right time.

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