Tactical task or delicate change?
Interim management


Logistics interim managers are at the heart of your organization. They translate the needs of the operational logistics at the strategic level, and vice versa. The logistics interim manager becomes a part of your organization. They will bring skills, contacts and experience to your team which will remain long after they have left.

Logistics interim managers are objective and independent. They are both sounding board for management, and secondly provide more understanding among your employees. Logistics interim management is therefore very valuable in corporate changes, project management or during transitional periods and complex projects.

Our consultants are highly experienced in identifying the most suitable interim manager for your organization. We ensure that the candidate is available and that his or her personality matches your organization.

The partnership between your organization and Logiprof ends after the assignment had been completed.

Benefits of Logistics Interim Management

  • achieves organizational transitions more quickly and with fewer issues
  • serves as a liaison between personnel and strategic management 
  • expert knowledge and experience in the required field or discipline to meet organizational goals. 
  • professional, decisive, objective and apolitical 
  • catalyst for change or function, stabilizer during organizational transition 
  • as a result, your organization will be more efficient and profitable

The logistics interim manager is charged on a simple daily rate basis with no termination costs. Their daily rate will depend on the complexity of the assignment.

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