Recruitment agency in supply chain, logistics and operations

Are you looking for supply chain, logistics or operations staff and management? Temporary or permanent? Obstruction in your supply chain? Or organisational change and development?

Logiprof provides professional staffing services, specialised in logistics, supply chain and operations vacancies and candidates professionally educated (degreed). For temporary assignments or projects and permanent jobs.

Strategic and tactical logistics and supply chain management positions are crucial to the growth and profitability of an organisation. Finding the best candidate for those functions requires time and attention to details, together with a fundamental understanding of supply chain, logistics and operations. Our years of experience, together with our industry contacts, extended network and database help us finding the best professional.

We proactively search and find professionals based on your job-related criteria.


  • wholesale 
  • retail 
  • industry
  • distribution and transport 
  • utilities 
  • logistics services


  • logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • ERP and production
  • warehousing
  • transportation and distribution
  • procurement and purchasing
  • logistic IT



Our clients are:

  • profit- and non-profit organizations 
  • from family business to multinationals 
  • in the Netherlands and abroad

Job Categories:

  • supply chain and logistics management 
  • production and operations management
  • procurement and sourcing
  • project management, consulting and engineering
  • customer service and contractmanagement
  • quality management
  • warehousemanagement
  • transport and distribution management 
  • planning and inventory management
  • supply chain and demand planning
  • production and operations coordination
  • warehousing middle management
  • transport and distribution coordination
  • stock management
  • purchasing coordinator
  • customs-, import- and export coordination
  • customer service


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