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Why choose us?

Logiprof has been established since 2002. We have developed and expanded our services by listening to the needs of both our Clients and Candidates over the years, becoming one of the leading recruitment companie in Supply Chain and Logistics area.

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We find the Talent other Agencies don’t!

Our Recruiters are highly skilled in social-searching to find passive candidates online and our own database and network – we ensure that we have all the latest information and training available to be at the cutting-edge of technology for recruitment.
We also run events and attend specialist networking opportunities to build our network and database. But the most important method of finding exclusive Talent is through referrals – our aim is to have happy Candidates who are so delighted with the service we offer, they send all their friends to us when they are looking for their next opportunity!

That is why our Clients keep coming back to Logiprof – to find employees that other agencies just don’t have access to.

We help you to secure the Talent they need

In the current skills-short climate, finding the perfect Supply Chain and Logistics Candidate for a role can be challenging. At Logiprof, we know that finding the right person is just the starting point – it’s a Candidates’ market out there and they have a lot of choice! Logiprof works in partnership with our Clients to help them be competitive in the ‘war for talent’.

Our years of experience in the region mean that we can provide informed Nationall market intelligence to support people planning, business growth strategy, employer branding and salary benchmarking.

We believe in being Ambassadors of our Clients’ Employer Brand – this means representing them in the recruitment market as well as providing an efficient and professional process for candidates.


Our Recruitment Consultants stay with us! It can be frustrating speaking to a different individual each time you deal with an agency. At Logiprof we are proud of the culture we have created, where Consultants feel valued and have the autonomy to make decisions, taking personal pride in their work. Our average length of service for consultants is 8 years.


We are confident that we can help you with your next supply chain, logistics or operations recruitment need, please contact us on +31 (0)252 227 216, via email or fill in our contact form.

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Each process starts with an inventory of your organization and the position. We discuss the position with you in detail and map out the desired expertise. Recruitment needs and the culture of your company, desired personality of the candidate and ambitions are essential to discover.


The search can begin. After the extensive orientation, we process all relevant information in an extensive job profile. We first conduct an extensive search in our extensive network and beyond. We selectively approach latently interested (head hunting) professionals.


Together we discuss the longlist and decide to invite 5 to 6 trial sessions for an extensive screening interview at Logiprof. In those conversations we look for whether the candidate's ambitions, character and social skills fit within the team and corporate culture of your organization. Based on these interviews, we then propose 3 to 4 candidates for the position.


We make an extensive report of every candidate we nominate with impressions, observations, plus points and points for attention. You can use this report as input for your interview with the candidate. Because we invest in the relationship with candidates during every step of the search process, we are able to identify any doubts about the position in time and to respond to it. If you choose one of our candidates, this candidate will also be happy to fill the position.