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Executive search

Logprof BV connects clients with innovative business leaders who demonstrate functional excellence in the end-to-end supply chain function and the logistics sector.

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Executive Search means recruiting at the highest level

Best-in-class companies in every sector are enabling growth through efficient supply chains and understand that innovation and low costs are continuously transforming their global operations. Leaders in this space are agile, move fast, operate at low cost, and produce high-quality products that customers want.

Our partnership

We work across all industry, wholesale, retail and goverment sectors – with inter- or national organizations, large mid-market companies and niche players – drawing upon our own experience and insight into different business models, supply chain and logistics concepts, supply chain digitization and manufacturing processes, as well as diverse corporate cultures.

Executive search price for Supply Chain Management, Logistics management and Operations is an Percentage- Based on the candidate’s gross salary or a Flat-fee pricing.

Two dimensional approach

With our unique two-dimensional approach, the ideal manager is determined by multiple people within your organization. We speak with current employees at your location, who may include various individuals that will work with the new manager, such as managers and direct colleagues.

This gives us a more complete picture of the company culture, work atmosphere of your organization, expectations, and the desired personality of the candidate. With this approach, multiple people are involved and perspectives are considered, resulting in a complete image of the ideal future manager. With this information, we can conduct a more targeted search. This service is provided free of charge after the exclusive assignment is given.


Each process starts with an inventory of your organization and the position. We discuss the position with you in detail and map out the desired expertise. Recruitment needs and the culture of your company, desired personality of the candidate and ambitions are essential to discover.


The search can begin. After the extensive orientation, we process all relevant information in an extensive job profile. We first conduct an extensive search in our extensive network and beyond. We selectively approach latently interested (head hunting) professionals.


Together we discuss the longlist and decide to invite 5 to 6 trial sessions for an extensive screening interview at Logiprof. In those conversations we look for whether the candidate's ambitions, character and social skills fit within the team and corporate culture of your organization. Based on these interviews, we then propose 3 to 4 candidates for the position.


We make an extensive report of every candidate we nominate with impressions, observations, plus points and points for attention. You can use this report as input for your interview with the candidate. Because we invest in the relationship with candidates during every step of the search process, we are able to identify any doubts about the position in time and to respond to it. If you choose one of our candidates, this candidate will also be happy to fill the position.