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Logiprof provides on-demand and temp-to-hire resources with procurement, supply chain, and strategic sourcing expertise to staff short-term projects or provide temporary assistance.

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Flexible services

Logiprof flexible services can provide temporary procurement, supply chain, and strategic sourcing staff to your organization on a temp-to-hire option to utilize for as long or for as little as you need. We provides Logistics recruitment and staffing solutions to help your supply management organization identify and hire temporary or contract talent in areas such as procurement, supply chain, and operations. With our robust network of candidates, independent contractors, strategic  and freelance supply chain resources with expertise.  We can support your short-term Supply Chain, Logistics or Operations projects, seasonal peaks, and mitigate skill gaps, providing the flexibility to handle all supply chain recruiting challenges.

Qualified candidates

We understand the importance of finding the right interim supply chain talent to not only increase productivity, but also adapt quickly to your supply chain organization’s changing business demands to maximize your supply chain, and your ROI. We can places highly qualified supply chain contractors to help reduce spend and improve supply management processes, all the while integrating seamlessly into your corporate culture as contingent resources. We can even provide flexible temp-to-hire procurement, strategic sourcing, and supply chain resources so that your supply management organization can observe and evaluate talent before considering them for permanent placement, eliminating the potential risk and expense of a mis-hire.

Benefits tempory staffing

You can immediately have new experienced logistics people who provide a fresh breeze. These are the business benefits at a glance:

  • you only pay for the hours worked.
  • the employer’s risk, for example if your interim staff becomes ill, lies with Logiprof
  • the employee is not on your payroll
  • the employee is guided by Logiprof during the entire secondment
  • the costs are deductible


We our confident that we can help you with your next supply chain, logistiics or operations recruitment need, please contact us on +31 (0)252 227 216, via email or fill out this short form.