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Permanent recruitment

Logiprof BV permanent recruitment service provides clients with the benefit of our considerable Supply Chain, Logistics and Operations experience, market knowledge and expertise.

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Find Permanent and Contract Employees: recruitment and selection (headhunting)

Whether for a Supply Chain, Logistics or Operations vacancy, we find the right candidate, with the right skills-set and experience to meet our clients’ permanent position requirements.

Recruiing the right people is paramount to the success of your organization. However, a thorough search requires a lot of time and attention to detail. In addition to saving you money, utilizing Logiprof will ensure you get a good organizational fit.
Permanent employment: recruitment and selection (headhunting)

We focus on people who are not actively looking for a new role, but when they are offered a good opportunity, they consider a new step. We therefore operate as a recruiter and headhunter for logistics, supply chain and operations professionals. These candidates come from our specialist network of logistics professionals and are not discussing other logistics vacancies. That is why they are also the best candidates to work with. The candidate will immediately be employed by your organization.

Advantages Logistics recruitment

Hiring is hard. So let us handle it for you. Logiprofs recruiters can cut the time it takes to fill your role and ensure you bring the right person on board. We’re your speicailst in the  logistics en Supply Chain labour market, helping you attract top talent. Breathe easier knowing you’ve got the best firm in the business on your side.

Hiring for an executive role? Logiprof offers custom search solutions for executive and board positions.

Why You Should Use a Recruitment Agency?


  • Save time: we take care of the initial steps in the hiring process. You can save time by skipping the first stages of the hiring process (e.g. introduction, screening, assessment tests, etc.).
  • Expertise / Market Knowlegde: we know how to reach out to the best available talent, salary rates, career expectations, current hiring complexities, available skill-sets and shortages.
  • Referrals / Network: we have access to the best talent available; this includes access to candidates that are actively seeking work, as well as talent that is currently employed elsewhere.

Conditions for a succesful match.

When we, through our recruitment and selection service, manage to match a candidate to you, you pay us a success fee. For this we use different rates, from which you can choose:

  • Commitment fee –  we search exclusively for your vacancy and therefore offer you a lower rate than with No Cure No Pay.
  • Start- and trial rate – we search exclusively for your vacancy. The success fee is paid at the start of the employment and at the end of a successful trial period.
  • No Cure No Pay – you only pay if a candidate proposed by us actually starts working for you
  • Fixed fee –  you only owe an agreed fixed fee when an employment contract has been signed with the candidate.

The best case scenario is where a chosen candidate stays with you for the long-term.. We offers always a Pro-rated replacement guarantee. This pro-rated replacement guarantee, means that we would find a replacement candidate for a reduced fee, based on the length of the first placement’s employment.


You can contact us for the following vacancies within Supply Chain Management, Logistics and Operations throughout the Netherlands:

  • vacature Supply Chain Director
  • vacature Supply Chain Manager
  • vacature Supply Chain Project Manager
  • vacature Supply Chain Engineer
  • vacature Supply Chain Analyst
  • vacature Supply Chain Coördinator
  • vacature Supply Chain Planner
  • vacature Demand Planner
  • vacature Inkoop Manager
  • vacature Manager Operations
  • vacature Warehouse Manager
  • vacature Logistiek Teamleider of Logistiek Supervisor
  • vacature Logistics Manager
  • vacature Distribution Manager
  • vacature Transport Manager
  • vacature Logistiek Expeditie Manager


We our confident that we can help you with your next supply chain, logistiics or operations recruitment need, please contact us on +31 (0)252 227 216, via email or fill in our contact form.