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What is interim management?

Interim management involves highly strategic assignments entrusted to executive leaders for a set period of time. Logiprof draws on a pool of highly experienced candidates with managerial experience in key positions in Supply Chain management or Logistics.

Offering more commitment than a simple external service provider and not as binding as a permanent contract, it caters perfectly to companies seeking responsiveness and flexibility, but also the goals of managers eager to share their experience and take on new challenges.

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Benefits logistics interim management

  • short training period and immediate productivity;
  • unrelated to the history of your organization,
  • difficult decisions are made easier;
  • a fresh look at your organization;
  • positive effect and influence on your staff;
  • direct result- cost reduction / savings;
  • exclusion of employer risk and a business deduction.

How can we help?

The types of interim management assignments for your logistics organization are:

  • interim executives
  • Business transformation
  • Strategic project implementation
  • Urgent recruitment

Interim executives

Struggling to manage following a sudden or unexpected departure?

Fill the void left by a key individual by opting for an Interim Manager. Leaving you free to focus on the permanent replacement.

Business transformation

Reshaping your organisation? Embracing digital transformation? Redesigning your business model?

Find an experienced interim manager to help you design and implement the changes you want to make.

Strategic project implementation

Opening a new site? New product development or launch?

Access specialist leadership and management skills to help you meet your deadlines and achieve your goals.

Urgent recruitment

Identified a long-standing gap in your recruitment, but have very little time to fill it?

Our consultants have access to the relevant tools ensuring them to quickly find the right candidate immediately available and open to a permanent contract.


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